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One Manchester Housing.

IA restructure & Design of 11 Responsive Templates / Completed in 3 Weeks.

The IA work was highly involved as it required a thorough audit and merging of content from 4 websites as 2 organisations and their assets had amalgemated. The design element involved working with a new brand which had been developed with print in mind and required a digital translation. The digital design had to be sympathetic to the brand, without allowing it to dominate.

One Manchester Housing on a phone One Manchester Housing Home Page

It also needed some logical and functional design decisions in order to create a brand new area for users. Until this point Tennants had been unable to report issues within their property that required repairs. This along with a Payment portal were large new areas which required wireframing and investigation. User tesing of the prototype also allowed us to amend areas which weren't working well enough.

One Manchester Housing Book a Repair One Manchester Housing User Dashboard