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NES Global Talent.

Analytics Review & IA restructure & Design of 8 Responsive Templates / Analytics Review & IA 1 Week each, Templates 2 Weeks.

I completed an initial user behaviour Analytics review to feed into the IA work, both for navigation restructure and also to highlight areas of content which were ineffective. As well as navigation and content, the data showed that several channels were not performing as well as the client expected. As well as raising questions for the website, this also helped to fuel an investigation into API connectivity and also some system functions. This investigation highlighted bugs and connection issues which were impacting sign-ups and addition of users to mainling lists. Work to fix this was completed by the dev team when replatforming and rebuilding the back-end of the site. The design element involved the creation of a brand new home page, along with refreshing the remaining templates including the account area.

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