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Let's Ride, a British Cycling Initiative.

Interactive Wireframes, Design of Over 100 Component Styles, 2 Responsive Templates & 42 Icons
/ Completed in 2 months.

This project, working with the British Cycling recreational website team, began with user behaviour and gap analysis work. I completed a full analytics review using Omniture and also a failure review of the sign-up / sign-in process. A report of findings was provided to the client. This report along with Qualitative work from the Strategy Team shaped the new website’s design and function. My report also highlighted quick optimisation wins to improve user sign-ups - a key performance indicator for the site.

Let's ride paper wireframes Let's ride Axure wireframes Let's Ride style guide listings Let's ride style guide dashboard

Wireframes were particularly important for this project. The complexity and intricacy of the site meant that thinking through user interactions and journeys was vital. The Wireframes were created initially on paper and then as interactive Axure versions. The interactive wires helped Stakeholders to visualise layout and interaction more easily. These journeys included mulitple entry and touch points, such as email and text. I created 2 initial designs based on the Wireframes and these were iterated to an agreed sign-off point. These formed the basis of the Component Styleguide which I created to allow quick development of over 100 assets by the the Front-end team. My Styleguide included multiple variations of components to represent the many states of interaction.

Let's ride on a phone Let's ride home page on desktop Let's ride detail page on desktop Let's ride User Dashboard on desktop