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Formula E. Electric Street Racing.

Analytics Analysis, 40+ Responsive Components & Multiple Templates Designed / Completed in 2 months.

For this project I became involved at the Discovery phase, where I completed an Analytics health check and review of site data. A report of findings was presented to the client along with outputs from the Workshops we ran.

The workshops helped us understand the current site structure, content and audience relationship. They also highlighted the ambitions Formula E had to improve their relationship with their audience: Growing awareness and building a community for the sport, which centered around the use of digital technology as a hub of information were key for the future. We created personas which represented key current and future audiences and used these to map journeys, in particular how each of user would utilise each component we created for the site.

Formula E Wireframe Sketches Formula E Home designs Formula E Calendar designs Formula E Driver Standings

Due to the need to run the project in a more agile way, myself and the UX Designer would workshop solutions together. This meant that sometimes wireframes would be sketches we whiteboarded or for the more complex components we would wireframe in a more traditional way.

During the Definition phase a styleguide was created to accompany the defined component library of 40+ responsive components. The complexities of ensuring data in tables could be utilised on mobiles made the driver standings and race results tables more intricate to create. This meant that these and other key page templates where created to 4 break points as this helped to ensure content worked as effectively as possible across multiple break points.

Recently the site won 'Most innovative use of Sitecore as a Digital Experience Platform (XP)' at the Sitecore awards.

Formula E Mobile designs Formula E Mobile table designs