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Eureka National Children's Museum.

Analytics Review & Pitch Creative. Nursery site IA, Template & Style Guide Design / Each Completed in 2 Days.

Creative for a pitch to work on a redesign of the main existing website. The creative speaks to parents in order to improve transactions and footfall. It uses video to engage when the user lands and gifs in the page content to provide personality. As part of this project and also as part of the ongoing relationship with the client I completed Analytics reviews. These gave the team data for fixes and also for suggested site improvements.

Eureka on a phone Eureka inital video Eureka on desktop Eureka on desktop museum contents

The Nursery website was a fast run project in which I created an IA for the site and a home page template. To ensure the front end could be built quickly I created a Style Guide. I also worked closely with the developer to ensure we created a resilient grid system and some general functionality rules. This project is about to go live...

Eureka Nursery Website Eureka Style Guide