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InHouse Design at Snugg, An International Ecommerce Organisation.

User Journey Planning, Wireframing, Design & Email Build / Completed in Various Times.

Wireframing, design and technical specification were completed as part of a UX project to rethink the website's content structure and communication style.

Snugg Wireframes Snugg Home Page New

I created a testing strategy based on objectives and hypotheses which evolved because of Customer or Business drivers. These drivers could have developed from changes in the data or customer / user feedback and were gained from a mix of qualitative and quantitative research. One specific area where I worked to create a list of A/B tests was the order process. Amends included: Updates to form field labels, including stating optional fields, In-line authentication offering immediate feedback to users, Live Help prominently placed and Improved delivery options.

Snugg Wireframes Snugg Home Page New

Refresh of Snugg websites to embrace new responsive structure and changes to the product pages, eg use of better quality imagery, increased buying options.

Snugg Home Page Responsive Snugg Product Page Responsive