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Dartmoor National Park.

IA restructure & Design of 6 Responsive Templates / Completed in 2 Weeks.

Project to update the design of the website and completely update the IA. The site had multiple levels of unneccesary, confusing navigation. Some pages would have a few sentances of text on them and would be extremely difficult to locate. The project was to fix this confusion, offer inspiration and information about the area to locals and visitors. The Authority was keen to be seen as protectors of the area and to sell certain aspects of the park, without encouraging misuse.

Dartmoor National Park on a phone Dartmoor National Park Home Page

Qualitative user tesing was completed on flat JPGs to pick out initial questions from users. Testing was then carried out on the prototype to ensure ease of use, particularly with the varying requirements of users; those from the area looking for local authority information and tourists or potential visitors looking for previsit inspiration and information.

Dartmoor National Park Book a Repair Dartmoor National Park User Dashboard